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S E M I - H I A T U S

pertinax-virtus replied to your post: anonymous asked:incredible fact: …

that’s slightly more than possible—

You bet it is

makotosakocchi replied to your post “Leon: Top ‘o the mornin to ya homedawg”

and then Sayaka’s arms began to itch as the secret word being uttered once more catalyzed the transformation into Gangsta Sayaka

Swagaka’s in the hizz-house, mofos



"Aw, you know. Wrecking homes, throwing my life away, absolutely shitting all over everyone."


"The usual. How ‘bout you, blue eyes white dragon?"

"The usual doomsday and destruction, huh? Why am I not surprised?"

"Me? Well, not that much. Things have been pretty quiet lately around school. My group went on hiatus for a while too, I was pretty mad about that."

(Source: idol-princess-sayaka)

Anonymous sent: incredible fact: you've been rping on this blog since 1958

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Anonymous sent: Shower sex

No thanks

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Anonymous sent: Leon: Top 'o the mornin to ya homedawg

Good Morning… Homedawg.

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Dangan Ronpa characters according to my friend Joey, who has just started reading.

Leon is now all of the Irish apparently


a little game with enoshima junko || about || {despair} optional ☠

♥ any au/fandom/OC welcome♥ script to multipara♥ multiship, multiverse♥ nsfw 18+♥ 100x100 icons


a little game with enoshima junko || about || {despair} optional ☠

♥ any au/fandom/OC welcome
♥ script to multipara
♥ multiship, multiverse
♥ nsfw 18+
♥ 100x100 icons

boobiemun replied to your post “My name is Sayaka Maizono, and this is Jackass *swoops down and…”

*Danny Sexbang voice* GOD -DAMMIT- MAIZONO


// breaking news idol-princess-sayaka is still my favorite Maizono after 6 months of inactivity